Purpose-built cabinetry designed to your specifications and around your needs.

Our cabinet designs are designed to work in your space, from custom to stock cabinets. 

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Cabinetry is such an essential aspect of any kitchen or bathroom redesign. No matter if you are going with stock or custom cabinets, our team can help find the right cabinets for our space. Our team has been working in this space for decades and has strong connections with the leading manufacturers in the space. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, our team can easily secure your dream cabinets. 

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Stock Cabinets

For many, stock cabinets are the right choice for your needs. Stock cabinets are gorgeous and perfect for kitchens with stock measurements, especially new or semi-new builds. There are thousands of designs, styles and colors, and no matter what you have in mind, chances are, a stock cabinet might be the solution you are looking for. 

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Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are an excellent solution for those looking for a custom feel without going entirely custom. These cabinets use stock cabinet sizing but give you a little more customization in terms of look, finish and hardware. 

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Full Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are a dream for many, and we can help deliver a custom cabinet solution that works around your needs in your space. Whether we are dealing with an older or unique kitchen or simply starting anew and wanting something that is not going to be stock measurements, a custom cabinet is yours and yours alone. From hardware to layout and color, we will work with you to design and source a custom cabinet that genuinely fits your space. 

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Amerock is one of the top hardware companies in the United States. Their modern twist on classic cabinet hardware makes them one of the defining cabinet hardware companies in the country. 

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Crystal has been a leading custom cabinet manufacturer since the end of World War II. The company has become infamous for its ability to create any cabinet, no matter how complicated. If you can draw it, Crystal can build it. 

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Fabuwood is a great cabinet maker specializing in stock and semi-stock cabinets. Its high-quality cabinets offer a range of styles and colors to meet your décor needs. 

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Foremost is a stylish and innovative cabinet maker that is making its mark in our region. Its design focus is only surpassed by the company’s dedication to efficient and friendly service from sale to installation. 


Lyn Design

Lyn Design is one of the top importers of cabinets and cabinet-related hardware in the United States. Whether you are looking for something Italian or Japanese, Lyn Design can help. 

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Mid Continent Cabinetry has been a top stock and semi-stock cabinet option for generations. With 1100 cabinet types and over 400 decorative and storage accessories, you can find your perfect cabinet in stock with Mid Continent Cabinets. 

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Richelieu is known for its top-rated hardware. From knobs to soft closing hardware, Richelieu has the hardware you need and want. 

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Robern has made its name in providing storage solutions for residential builds. Robern’s selection is second to none, from cabinets to vanities and even accessories. 

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Shiloh Cabinetry is the all-wood choice for many looking for stock and semi-stock cabinets. With dozens of stains and styles, you cannot go wrong with a Shiloh cabinet for your bathroom or kitchen. 

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Top Knobs make great knobs; it is that simple. The company blends traditional artisanship with advanced production methods to create knobs and pulls that will last for generations. 

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Ultracraft is yet another excellent choice for those looking for semi-custom or stock cabinets. With its full-access cabinets and hundreds of styles, finishes and accessories, your Ultracraft cabinets will look great and perform even better. 

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Waypoint has excelled at providing clients with a remodeling option that makes cabinets a breeze. Whether a small space or a giant kitchen, Waypoint has a cabinet solution that will work for your space. 

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From stock to custom cabinets, our team is excited to work with you to find the right cabinet for your home. Call us today and see how Westchester can guide you through the process and secure the cabinets of your dreams.