We can design your countertop from quartz to marble and even butcher block to fit your space.

Enjoy a custom countertop solution designed for you and you alone. 

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Countertops can make or break a kitchen or bath design. We say that because the countertop is the surface that makes the room work. You are going to be cooking, cleaning, throwing down bags, and even eating on this surface. It is going to need to be sturdy but also look stunning. Simply put, a bathroom or kitchen design that does not touch the counter is one that is missing something significant. 

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Types & Brands


Granite is a stunning option for a countertop in any kitchen or bathroom. It provides a deep and natural look, with each piece having its character. Whether you are looking for a tough counter that can handle a busy kitchen or one that will tie together earth tones, granite is the countertop surface for you. 

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Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is perfect for those who want the look of a natural surface without the upkeep. Unlike other stone countertops, engineered stone does not have the same robust cleaning procedures and performs much like quartz or laminate in that regard. It’s the best of both worlds, and we love it for bathrooms and kitchens. 

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Solid Surface

Solid surface countertop combines natural minerals, acrylics and resins to create a through-body countertop that is robust and stain-resistant. The materials are put together and melted to create the countertop and bond it as a solid surface. These counters are a great option for busy kitchens or bathrooms looking for a modern twist on the classic counter. 

fabuwood nickel with roccoco ctop

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is known for its great look and solid counter potential. Whether you are looking for a glass-infused tile counter or something more traditional, these counters are proven to stand up to busy kitchens and will look good even after years of use. 

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Laminate counters are a great way to extend your budget and get a look that is something out of a magazine. Today’s laminate provides you with a customized look that will withstand pots, pans, and even make-up without so much as a scratch. 

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Whether we are looking for a butcher block to make prep a little easier or a whole wood counter, we can help you find it. We have some great connections to local wood suppliers who can not only build to suit but will provide top-tier wood sealed and stained to food-grade standards. 

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Marble is one of the classic looks for an upgraded space. Its natural look is stunning and creates a center point for the eye to focus on in your space. Plus, its durability is second to none. From classic white to speckled, we can find that perfect marble slab destined for your space.

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Soapstone is a fantastic counter material that is not only soft to the touch but is a durable surface that will stand the test of time. Although the material will wear over time, its wear patterns are a unique element that makes soapstone stand out.  

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Whether looking for an industrial look or simply loving the natural look of concrete, concrete counters are a popular choice. With its durable nature and great tones, a concrete counter can provide the ideal base to build your design.  

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Quartz is a manufactured counter surface that has become the gold standard for counters worldwide. It brings all the best qualities of natural surfaces with an easy-to-clean and maintained nature. With thousands of colors, styles and designs, your ideal quartz countertop is easy to source. 

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Caesarstone is one of the leading quartz counter suppliers in the United States. With great options and many styles, you will love your Caesarstone quartz for years. 

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Cambria has been the go-to natural stone surface supplier for years. Whether you are looking for soapstone, granite, marble or any other stone, Cambria has it in stock. 

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Zodiaq, now owned by Du Pont, is a quartz company that is doing things differently. The company combines the beauty of natural quartz with technology to create dramatic colors that will wow you every day. 

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Glazzio is a leading tile manufacturer that uses glass to create a unique counter look. All of their counters have a vibrance and depth of color that you can only find with Glazzio. 

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Han Stone Quartz is the American wing of one of the largest quartz manufacturers in Asia. Hanwha Corporation is a trusted manufacturer and has been supplying award-winning counters for South Korea and beyond for decades. 

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Pental Quartz, now owned by Europeans, is another top-rated quartz manufacturer. Their great custom service and premium materials make Pental an excellent option for any counter. 

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Silestone is the largest quartz manufacturer in the world. With hundreds of styles, colors and looks, Silestone has a quartz countertop in stock for you. 

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Viatera has been a leading surface company for years. Viatera is a great option for any counter because of its wide selection and top-rated countertops. 

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Whether you are looking for solid surface, quartz or anything else, the Westchester Kitchen and Bath team has you covered for all of your countertop needs.