Essential Steps for Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Kitchens reflect the personality and needs of homeowners. When requirements change, a redesign may be necessary. If a complete overhaul isn’t in your budget, consider updating the style and functionality with kitchen cabinet replacement. There have been many advancements in the way cabinets are constructed for organization and storage in the last few years. Taking advantage of these improvements enable you to be more creative with the design and may increase storage space. 

Homeowners that opt for complete cabinet replacements typically have either old, worn cabinetry or stock cabinets that no longer meet their needs. Semi-custom cabinets offer a range of features, sizes, colors and materials. Custom cabinetry is more expensive but can offer a nearly unlimited set of options. 

Identify Goals

Before you get started, it’s recommended that you identify goals and priorities. Cabinetry is an integral element in the character of the home. If you are replacing the cabinets entirely, look at the current floor plan. Note the location of windows and doors and measure the distances. Use graph paper or software to get a draft of the way you would like the kitchen to look. 

Assign Jobs

If your kitchen is short on square footage, decide what job you would like your cabinets to fill before determining style. Appliance garages store small appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, etc. Rollout drawer trays and extra deep drawers offer space for pots, pans and large dishes. Slide-out baskets, pull-out tables and swing-out shelving increases storage space and improves organization. The functionality of the kitchen cabinet replacement may depend on it’s proximity to the stove, sink or refrigerator.

Select Lighting

Today’s kitchen works hard. A variety of lighting improves productivity and brightens the space. Light strips and task lighting are suitable for high ceilings. Puck lights and decorative cabinet lighting provides visibility into upper cabinets and increases ambiance when paired with glass door inserts. Professional installers can help you take accurate measurements and ensure the tear out and the kitchen cabinet replacement moves quickly and smoothly.