Choosing the Right Tile for Your Kitchen Floor

You and your guests probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It makes sense to choose a flooring option that not only functions well but fits your personal style. There are several factors to consider when picking out kitchen tile.

Low Maintenance

The kitchen floor is often susceptible to spills. That’s why it’s important to choose tile that is easy to clean. A quick sweep with a mop or the swipe of a towel should be all it takes to make it look new again. This is especially important if your kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic. The easier your floor is to clean, the longer it is likely to last.


Most tile designed for kitchen floors is pretty tough. It can handle frequent use with ease. Some kitchen tiles, however, chip more easily than others. You may also want to factor in stain resistance, particularly if you have small children who tend to be more prone to spills. Your designer can help you choose the tile that is durable enough to withstand the demands you make of it.


No matter how well your tile functions, if it doesn’t look good, you are unlikely to be happy with it for long. When you are searching for the right kitchen tile, take aesthetics into account. Your design expert can recommend the type of tiles that fit the style of your kitchen and are the most likely to look good in the space. There are several materials and styles to choose from:

  • Polished marble
  • Subway glazed
  • Ceramic matte

While the floor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of renovation, the kitchen tile you choose can make a big difference. Take your time to look at all the options available so that you can find flooring that works and looks great.