Granite Offers Homeowners Inspirational Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There’s a reason why granite is such a popular material for kitchen countertops. It is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. When cared for properly, an initial investment can last a lifetime, and the never-ending selection of colors and patterns makes it a homeowner’s dream come true. Consider how these granite countertops would like in your kitchen if you need some inspiration.

If you prefer white cabinets and light walls and flooring, imagine how black granite tops would look in the space. Many times, you can purchase slabs that have white and/or gold flecks in the granite, which gives them a luster that offsets the rest of your light kitchen beautifully. Black tops also work well with modern kitchens that have latest stainless steel appliances.

If autumn is your favorite, feel it year-round with golden, brown or rust granite tops. These colors enhance wood cabinets, especially cherry, maple or oak, to create a stunning kitchen that almost screams Italian countryside. If you have copper elements in the space, such as cabinet door handles, faucets and range hoods, the autumn hues of the tops match perfectly.

Modern kitchens benefit from tops that that are a combination of black, brown and white. These tops are more speckled than some of the other granite selections you might see, and they work well with iron and modern glass fixtures. The tops themselves are primarily white, and the black and brown come in the form of the specks for which granite is so famous.

Wine lovers will adore champagne granite with russet and slate veins. This is stunning and offsets cream or ivory cabinetry beautifully. You can pair these granite countertops with black and brown, too, so don’t cross it off your list if you aren’t redoing your cabinets in either of these colors. Rather, get a sample of this beautiful Bordeaux granite and hold it up to your cabinets to see what you think.